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local ffi = require("ffi")
int printf(const char *fmt, ...);
ffi.C.printf("Hello %s!\n", "wiki")

Directory of Content


The purpose of the wiki

This wiki has been created to gather together resources from the growing LuaJIT community, and to record insights from LuaJIT's maintainers.

What powers the wiki?

The wiki itself is based on Gollum, one of the many useful sub-projects run by GitHub. This wiki is a modified branch of 2.0 (hopefully less modified as fixes and code gets merged back), but should behave very similarly to the embedded wikis included in GitHub project mini portals.

Why do I need to authenticate?

Because open wikis get incredible amounts of spam. We've tried to make it as painless as possible by linking to commonly used authentication providers. If you'd like to see another provider added, check if it's supported by the Omniauth project (or contribute a patch to omniauth) and send a post to the mailing list.

How do I associate an avatar (picture/icon) with my account?

Create an account with Gravatar and associate it with the email address returned by your identity provider. Many sites now support Gravatar including GitHub and WordPress.

Why does the email address for my edits appear as

This means your identity provider didn't provide a valid email address when you logged into the wiki.

If you're using GitHub goto your public profile page and verify that the Email field is filled in.

Other ways to edit the wiki

One of the cool things about Gollum is it uses Git as its storage and revision control backend, which means you can clone the wiki and edit pages offline.

git clone git://

You can then use your favourite editor to edit the Markdown source of wiki pages, and push the changes back.

There are no restrictions on who can commit back to the wiki via the Git interface (we hope spammers and spam bots haven't figured out how to use Git yet).