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Wiki Formatting

Lists use a bit too much space:

  • item 1
  • item 2
  • item 3

reduced list item margin to 5px - completed 11/05/2012

Tables sure look nice, but could benefit from a bit more compact layout:

Test 123 Test 456
Hello World

override border-collapse: separate, and use border-collapse: collapse, reduce padding to 3px by 8px - completed 11/05/2012

Text in paragraphs is hard to read with a wide browser window. In the original bluequad.css I had to use a max-width for every major tag. And a table wrapper for IE. Oh well. Not sure there's a better way with modern browsers. Maybe limit the width of the #wiki-wrapper div and center it?

set max-width 1024px on #wiki-wrapper, let me know if it needs to be smaller - completed 18/06/2012


Anchor links don't work in Firefox - fixed 17/06/2012

File view is garbled - fixed 19/06/2012

Authentication methods

The wiki should support OpenID - completed 11/05/2012


Atom/RSS feed of Git commit log - completed 17/05/2012

TOC should provide linkback to the top of the page in achors.


Should use minified version of jquery (this should be done upstream in Gollum HEAD)